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“St. Rose must have
reminded many per-
sons of the words of
Jesus Christ who said,
quote “Daughters of
Jerusalem, weep not
for me, but weep for
yourselves, and for
your children.” One of
this nation’s daugh-
ters wept in Parlia-
ment, but it was not for
Give her a big 10-plus
for her compelling hero-
ics last Friday in Parlia-
ment. Get vex with all
others who condemn
and are angry with Ver-
na St. Rose.
There comes a time
in life when you have
to take the bull by the
horns, and Verna St.
Rose showed clearly
that she loves her young
brothers and sisters with
all her heart and soul
and more than many of
their own parents.
But most of all, Verna
demonstrated her love
for the child as a con-
cerned, caring mother
would, and she cried her
heart out on Friday and
ran the tears for the Par-
liament and the nation,
to see the hurt in both
her soul and mothers
who lost their loved ones
by tragic circumstances.
mainly because of bro-
ken promises which
St. Rose pointed at the
Prime Minister, who is
also a mother herself.
It was also for the
murdered infants and
children who have be-
come the brutal targets
of vicious, sick predators
and murderers, some of
whom belong to the fam-
liy itself, and something
drastic was necessary
to flag the message.
St. Rose had to go to
Parliament to be heard.
emphatically with the
Southern Wing Trincity Mall
Valpark Shopping Plaza
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sensational mud- sling-
ing Newsday headline
captioned “Verna shouts
in the House” which
happens to be a most
infantile and indiscreet
assessment of the situ-
This headline is cer-
tainly unacceptable as it
misunderstands the true
purpose and gives the
wrong impression.
But then again, there
are those who cannot
see the woods from
the trees, and worse
is, when this deficiency
belongs to some in-
competent journalists
and editors with politi-
cal agendas who bring
their establishments into
public disrepute and ridi-
But that is a separate
story for another day, as
many startling headlines
in recent times, espe-
cially in Newsday during
the several elections this
year, show clearly such
shortcomings of head-
line choices, to suggest
that some journalists
and editors may have
become the tools of ma-
nipulating politicians.
It must have been a
very sad day in Parlia-
ment to be remembered
when St. Rose vented
her fury, and the Speak-
er, Wade Mark must
be commended for his
delicate handling of the
situation, but for some
in the hallowed portals
who are born without
feeling or a heart and a
soul, it may have been
regarded as just another
day of politricks.
However, Ms. St.
Rose’s voice in the wil-
derness of Parliament
was successful, as the
lady would have raised
significant national con-
cern that the Govern-
ment is going nowhere,
with its election promise
on child care.
Also, how the PP de-
termines its priorities,
which is a serious prob-
lem, since construction,
highways, road paving
and box drains are their
main objectives for elec-
tion achievements, and
not other matters as
protecting the nation’s
No matter a hundred
highways and a million
box drains, nothing is
more valuable than a
human life and surely if
the Prime Minister in her
public relations tirades
would hug, love and kiss
up the children of Laven-
tille, then one has to
wonder what is her true
mind set.
The innocent child
from Maloney who was
recently murdered and
then raped by a human
demon with a mad DNA,
may have become a
Prime Minister in the
country one future day.
That innocent child,
as with thousands of
others who are pres-
ently left alone and help-
less, needed all the pro-
tection that comes from
caring parents.
But that is impossible
for many mothers, espe-
cially in the circumstanc-
es of the daily struggles
for living.
And if the single par-
ent has to work at KFC
or a casino or selling
corn on the highway,
then a serious social
problem exists, be-
cause the mother can-
not be in two places at
the same time. And for
some of the men left in
attendance, the devil
finds work for idle crazy
St. Rose is obviously
a very determined wom-
an with a genuine loving
cause and fighting with
her might, not for herself
but for her infant broth-
ers and sisters and for
their helpless mothers
too. She must be com-
plimented, although Par-
liament is not the right
place --- but, but is deaf
ears everywhere else.
Truthfully, St. Rose’s
unselfish cry is essen-
tially a grave concern
for the unprotected and
that is how it should
read loudly, and not
a damning “St. Rose
shouts in Parliament”
by Newsday, which is
very unfair, immature
and biased and a clear
misunderstanding of the
Hers was a bitter con-
frontation against the
establishment. It was a
hair-raising event never
before witnessed in the
history of the country’s
Parliament and Sun-
shine commends Ms.
St Rose for her bravery,
guts and determination
and would even inform
her to press on harder
now and galvanize the
necessary support for
her just cause.
It is more than tim
that PM Kamla and her
cabal decide do some
thing immediately and
positive about the mur
dering and raping of
children, since the time
of Akiel Chambers and
which for some reason
or the other, is on the
back burner when others
claim they have the evi-
dence on “who dunnit”.
It is a fact that when
a person has a genuine
commitment and belief,
it consumes the human
psyche so totally, that
what appears difficult
for some becomes easy
for others. Hell hath no
fury is an appropriate
expression for what was
witnessed last Friday. It
was easy for St. Rose.
“Wake up Kamla and
do something fast for
the children,” uttered St.
Rose, “you are a moth-
er too, Kamla - have a
heart and show some
Editors Note - Since
receiving this article, the
Government has sud-
denly appointed a Com-
mittee to come up with
protect children, Thanks
to Verna St. Rose who
must be a national hero
now, as she won her bat-
tle for the children.
BPTT National Junior Parang Festival, held
at El Dorado West Secondary School El Dorado.
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